Photo – Wildlife, Flower

September 15, 2015

Photo taken in Riverview, New Brunswick. These little guys like to stick to your clothes for days on end.


Photo – Wildlife, Squirrel

September 4, 2015

Photo taken in Moncton, New Brunswick. Standing his ground for his stash of acorns.


Photo – L’Aboiteau Beach

August 4, 2015

Photo taken at L’Aboiteau beach in Shediac, New Brunswick. Slightly east of Parlee beach, L’Aboiteau is more local-friendly and not as crowded during the summer.


Shirt Design – Lighthouse

December 1, 2013

Christmas giveaway contest from 2013. The winner won this shirt in their size of choice. It was a massive success with over 200 shares.


Photo – Wildlife, Porcupine

August 1, 2013

Photo taken at the Irving Nature Park in Saint John, New Brunswick. Always best to take these photos from a safe distance, although this guy was particularly friendly that day.


Photo Gallery – Grand Manan

July 1, 2013

Photos taken on Grand Manan island, 2013. This place is full of hidden gems. You don’t have to drive far to see something worth a photo.


Photo – Grand Manan, Seal Cove

July 1, 2013

Photo taken on Grand Manan island, New Brunswick. Seal Cove is full of run down old smokehouses and fishing shacks.


Photo – Grand Manan, Whale Cove

July 1, 2013

Photo taken on Grand Manan island, New Brunswick. The location is called “Whale Cove”, and rightly so. There’s also a large sloping dock full of these little fishing boats.


Photo – Grand Manan, Fisherman’s Wharf

July 1, 2013

Photo taken on Grand Manan island, New Brunswick. There’s never a shortage of lobster traps kicking around on this quaint little island.


Photo – Grand Manan, Dark Harbour

July 1, 2013

Photo taken in Grand Manan, New Brunswick. Dark Harbour beach is quite the hike, but worth it if you’re on the hunt for somewhere interesting.


Photo Gallery – Halifax Waterfront

June 1, 2013

Photos taken in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The waterfront provides some amazing scenery. I’ve spent countless days walking around taking photos here and its never uneventful.


Photo Gallery – Reversing Falls

January 4, 2013

Photos taken in Saint John, New Brunswick at Reversing Falls. My father captured a similar photo of the bridge about fifteen years before I took this one and it won awards. Newer technology allows this effect to be achieved much easier today.


Photo – Saint John

January 1, 2013

Photo taken in Saint John, New Brunswick. Anywhere you walk in the woods in Saint John, you’re bound to come across train tracks. I stumbled across an abandoned train yard in the woods on the West side.


Photo Gallery – New River Beach

January 1, 2013

Photos taken at New River beach, near Saint John New Brunswick. It was about -20c that day, but definitely still worth the adventure.


Photo – Halifax, Downtown

January 1, 2013

Photo taken in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They tell you not to climb on the rooftops, but that seems to be where some of the best photo opportunities come from.


Design Campaign – Island Dodgeball

January 1, 2013

Campaign graphics for the PEI Island Dodgeball Championship. This involved poster and ticket design, Facebook layout design, physical banner design, as well as t-shirt graphics.


Facebook Layout – Map

December 1, 2012

Facebook page layout for the old Oceans Everywhere page in 2013.


Album Art – Trading Post

February 4, 2012

Album artwork designed for Trading Post, a Rock band from Prince Edward Island.


Artist Logo – Banner Year

January 2, 2012

Logo designed for a pop punk band from Prince Edward Island.


Artist Logo – Concrete

January 1, 2012

Logo designed for local hip hop artist from Fredericton, New Brunswick.